Conference “Researchers meet professionals in fisheries and aquaculture for co-operation models in EMFF projects”

Conference organised by Regione del Veneto as a Lead Partner of the Adri.SmartFish project, co-funded by the programme Interreg Italy-Croatia about new patterns of fisheries and aquaculture management and a dialogue between the researchers and the professionals. Adri.SmartFish aims at promoting the small scale artisanal fisheries practices, traditions and value chain in the Northern Adriatic.

Final conference in Brasov (Romania)

The final conference of the String project was held in Brasov, Transylvania, entitled: Innovation in agrifood chains: how can successfully regions learn from each other?

Adri.Smartfish, the kick-off event.

The Adri.Smartfish kick-off event was held in Venice on April, 16th, 2019. All partners made a presentation on the topics and project activities.

Coordination Meeting in Split

Together with all partners, on the 4th - 5th June 2019 in Split, to coordinate and plan Shaping Fair Cities 2nd year activities.

Towards a local 2030 Agenda

For Shaping fair cities project, a new multilateral consultation in Bologna, on Wednesday the 20th of March at 10.00, promoted by WeWorld-GVC in collaboration with the Emilia-Romagna Region, to talk about the localization of 2030 Agenda on our territory.

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