Lifeel awarded in Brussels among the Mediterranean best practices for biodiversity

The project, acknowledged as an outstanding initiative in favour of the biodiversity restoration, will be showcased at the European Parliament

Among the ambitious goals of Lifeel the biodiversity restoration is paramount. Indeed, restoration of aquatic biodiversity is urgently needed to face the dramatic biodiversity loss the WWF’s Living Planet Report warned us about (83% in only two decades).

To this purpose, Lifeel encompasses several actions aimed at restoring the population of the European eel, as the defragmentation of the free flowing of rivers and pilot protocols for the reproduction in captivity and release of the breeders.

The Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community Mbpc, a network of the main actors of biodiversity, will award the best 10 practices aiming at the restoration of biodiversity in an event, which will take place in the European Parliament venues in Brussels, from the 2nd till the 4th of November.

As a partner of Lifeel, we are proud to have the opportunity to showcase the project and its encouraging interim results during that event. Stay tuned!

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