Video collection of the innovations tested in Lowinfood project

Set of videos of the portfolio of innovations Lowinfood is demonstrating and upscaling to tackle food loss and waste

Lowinfood project is focused on different food chains and consumption stages with the aim of increasing their sustainability and reduce food waste, such as fruits and vegetables, bakery and fish sectors, out-of-home and at-home consumption.

In order to provide a better insight into the innovations proposed by European private and public partners, currently under evaluation, a set of short explainer videos has been made available in the communication channels of the project. The video topics range from a sales-forecasting software for supermarkets to consulting services to help companies using food surplus in other industries, thus saving money; from a predictive software helping bakery to make better decisions to a plate waste tracker for school canteens.

The set of videos produced so far (all of them in English) are available on Lowinfood website, Youtube channel and Facebook page.

Emilia-Romagna as well, explained in this video with the words of  Stefano Callegari how the web application called SIR (Withdrawal Information System) simplifies the market withdrawals procedure and the redistribution of fruit and vegetables to charity organization and our hope to transfer this successful model to others.

Watch the short version of the video

Watch the extended version of the video

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