ADaptation in Agriculture

Adaptation and mitigation measures in the fruit and vegetables supply chain

During the first workshop organized by Life Ada project the discussion focused on reducing and managing risks

In the challenge of tackling climate change, no one is saved alone: ​​this is one of the strong messages that emerged from the workshop held on Friday 8 September, "The fruit and vegetable supply chain and climate change: a discussion about the new challenges", which was included in the official program of Sana exhibition. The event was organized by the Region as part of Life Ada project, funded by the Life program of the European Commission, and it was the first of three events dedicated to the supply chains on which the project focuses: fruit and vegetables, wine and dairy.

After the institutional welcome from the General Director for Agriculture Valtiero Mazzotti, the first part was dedicated to present the project: Unipol Sai Sustainability Manager Giulia Balugani highlighted the need of addressing risk management in the agricultural sector both in the short-medium and in the long term, while the project manager Stefania Faccioli explained the genesis and current status of the project, which aims to support both producers and their organizations.

Participants to the 1st workshop Life AdaUpdated data about frost, hail, wind and drought, risk maps based on extreme temperatures and rainfall records, good practices tips: these are just some of the features displayed by Ada Tool: the web application shown by Antonio Pirri was developed by Leithà foundation during the first year of the project.

Among the project actions, Fabio Lunati from Nomisma shared the results of the survey that engaged stakeholders of the Producer Organizations (POs): it helped in the identification of the critical issues in the 3 supply chains and enlightened the degree of awareness about adaptation actions and risk management tools for passive defense (insurance policies) and active defense (anti-hail nets, anti-frost systems).

Climate change has a major impact not only in agriculture, but in many other sectors: as underlined in Patrizia Bianconi's speech, a sectoral approach is necessary, but on the other hand an integrated and coordinated approach is crucial for the implementation of the strategy regional.

The round table moment was very interesting, with the institutional contribution from other regions (Gennaro Giliberti from Tuscany), professional organizations such as Confagricoltura, Lega Coop, Cia and Coldiretti and finally the representatives of the Associations of Producer Organisations (APOs).

The second event dedicated to the wine supply chain will be next October.

Complete program of the workshop (pdf375.01 KB).

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