LIFE-RII european project

B - Implementation

Action B - Implementation of the RII - LIFE 11 ENV/IT/000243 project

This phase is the key element of the project and is broken down into three activity groups.

These actions will allow to define a water stream management strategy within the  area under study, based on the key concepts set forth by the 2000/60 / EC and 2007/60 / EC Directives aimed at addressing problems related to river flood  risk and environmental  status and at providing indications for the enhancement of historical, cultural, landscape and leisure assets. The work programme will be drafted in close connection with the pilot actions that will be implemented along the sample rivers.

The first group includes a "Participatory process supporting the project" (action B1) and the ''Design of a wide-scale hydraulic-environmental regeneration integrated programme of the study area "(action B2).

- First group (Action B1)

Participatory process

RII Covenant

- First group (Action B2)

Integrated programme

The second group includes pilot actions for the regeneration of a few sample water streams within the  area under study (actions from B3 to B8).


The third group refers to the identification of  economic-legal-administrative compensation methods to be used for hydraulic-environmental purposes in the farmland (action B9).

- Third group (Action B9)

Method identification



LIFE 11 ENV/IT/000243 European Project
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