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B1 – Participatory Process for the definition of a large-scale integrated hydraulic-environmental restoration programme within the study area

Logo Patto di RII Strategies and objectives to be pursued with the implementation of pilot projects along the waterways were shared with various stakeholders, through the participatory process conducted in 2013, in the framework of the LIFE RII project.

The outcomes of this process include a few proposals for action at different definition levels (pointing out the strengths and weaknesses and suggestions for improvement), which in some cases have expanded the action framework.

The exchange of ideas continues towards the definition of a wide scale integrated hydraulic-environmental restoration programme within the study area to identify the measures to be implemented over time   for the redevelopment of all the small streams in the area of the four municipalities, i.e. the LIFE RII Project study area.

This new participatory process phase is therefore aimed to inform, raise awareness, gather specific knowledge and indications on the territory allowing to develop contents suited to meet the new needs.

The action plan and the contents will be defined in consultation with the institutions, citizens and associations, and will lead to the drafting of an agreement called the RII Pact.

What is the RII Pact?

Built on the example of the 'river contracts', it is a voluntary commitment shared by various public and private stakeholders who are concerned with waterways for various reasons, which is designed to identify shared approaches to pursue environmental regeneration, landscaping and social economic enhancement objectives concerning the local small rivers system within the territory of the four municipalities involved.

Who is entitled to participate?

The participation process is open to all citizens, organizations or associations that are concerned with the waterways and adjacent territory of the four municipalities involved in the Project. Any subject is entitled to join the Project, even though they have not participated in the previous stage. Upon joining the Project, they agree to actively participate in meetings, with an open-minded attitude towards the understanding and sharing of information and ideas.

How does participation occur?

It is regulated by a specific methodology, based on the European "EASW®" method principles, already used in earlier stages of consultation/sharing, through local public meetings, organized according to discussion sessions and work groups as shown in the Methodological Report. At the same time, the discussion also takes place online in the new virtual marketplace called IOpartecipo + dedicated to the RII Covenant, through a series of dynamic tools, which allow participants to take part in the activities, to be promptly informed and to directly take part in the discussion with questions, reports or proposals to the on-line forum.



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