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Method identification

B9 Identification of economic-juridical-administrative compensation methods for the use of farmland for hydraulic-environmental purposes

The "Identification of economic-legal-administrative compensation methods for use of  farmland for hydraulic-environmental purposes" aims at demonstrating that it is possible and necessary to go beyond the idea whereby the acquisition of land along water courses is the only way to give space back to rivers for hydraulic and environmental purposes, because of the high economic and social costs that such a strategy would imply if they were applied across the board.

It appears instead much more promising and necessary to achieve economic and legal-administrative agreements with farmland owners, so that they agree to temporarily accommodate the water floods onto their land, so as to reduce the catastrophic effects they would have on densely populated towns.


Abstract of the B.9 Final report (pdf100.5 KB)

Additional study on feasibility of flooding servitude (pdf1.05 MB) 



Conference - New approaches to the analysis of rural land (October 9, 2014)

Workshop - Compensation tools for hydraulic-environmental use of rural land (June 25, 2014)


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