LIFE-RII european project

Integrated programme

B2 Design of a wide-scale integrated hydraulic-environmental regeneration programme of the study area

The study area of ​​the project, including the four Municipalities of Albinea, Bibbiano, Quattro Castella and San Polo d'Enza, is characterized by the presence of rivers whose  ecosystem is undergoing through imbalances.

All rivers are harnessed, both in the mountains and hills, where for centuries they have been regulated by dams, and in the plains, where they have often been dammed and equipped with suspended units.

These rivers threaten to flood an urbanized area that cuts across them at the exit of the mountain river basin, as well as agricultural and urbanized areas in the plain.

The LIFE Project RII intends to establish a "Wide-scale integrated hydraulic-environmental regeneration programme within the study area," by which a river regeneration and management strategy  can be applied, designed according to the basic concepts set forth by the WFD 2000/60 / EC Water Directive and 2007/60 / EC Floods Directive to address the problems related to flood risk and ecological status, including water quality and enhancement of the landscape, historical and cultural assets.

The regeneration programme is articulated according to the following work phases:

- specific definition of objectives in relation to each river basin, with a special attention to the flood risk and ecological status  and enhancement of the landscape, historical and cultural assets;

- choice of the lines of action for the integrated hydraulic-environmental river regeneration, in pursuance to the above mentioned Directives;

- definition of structural and non-structural possible actions related to each river catchment area​​;

- definition of maximum costs;

- comparison of different action hypotheses by means of the qualitative and quantitative multicriteria analysis (MCA), in order to identify the best solutions to meet  the different objectives;

- drafting of the action programme based on MCA analysis;

- quantitative  and qualitative forecast of the environmental and hydraulic effects of the programme;

- identification of the specific in-depth analyses required to design detailed actions on the individual river basins.


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