LIFE-RII european project


A2 - Executive design of the Project actions

The design of the actions will be based on the river regeneration approach underlying  this project and will address the environmental, geomorphological and hydraulic objectives in an integrated way.

The development  of a few river regeneration pilot actions within the area under study will allow to choose the types of actions and their preliminary location, for which cognitive and design elements have to date already been identified.

These actions intend to demonstrate how to tackle high hydraulic risk problems by improving the river ecological status, even with the limitations set by the peculiar location of the water streams compared to urban areas. This characteristic, common to the entire region and several Italian and European areas, requires a specific approach to adapt the strategy to each specific case and is in fact the key demonstration element of the project.

The development of the executive  action project is an essential step for the implementation of the regeneration pilot actions on the six streams identified by the project (B3 - B8 actions), while  simultaneously carrying out an in-depth analyses to collect knowledge on the natural, hydraulic and geomorphological features, envisaged by action A1) and monitoring preliminary actions  (envisaged by action C1).


LIFE 11 ENV/IT/000243 European Project
Developed and coordinated by the Emilia-Romagna Region, Soil and Coast Protection and Land Reclamation Service,
Viale della Fiera, 8 40127 Bologna - ITALY - Phone: +390515276811

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