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Workshop - Compensation tools for hydraulic-environmental use of rural land

Technical workshop organized by LIFE RII Project - Wednesday, June 25, 2014, 9:30 am - Room "Corradini" c/o "Del Rio" Centre - Via XXIV Maggio, 47 - Barco Bibbiano.

miniatura_ws_allag_enLand management in light of the risks and opportunities for economic and social development is a topic of current interest, also in view of the historical moment.

The natural disasters of recent years show that a development does not always attentive to the natural territorial framework characteristics has gradually increased the exposure degree of the economic and social fabric to natural hazards.

In light of this, it is necessary to identify innovative strategies for land management also including new legal instruments, as well as technical information and techniques in order to mitigate the risks.

The meeting was addressed primarily to engineers and specialists in the sector, aiming to be a moment of ideas exchange on practical experiences known to date, the problems encountered and the opportunities related to the use of rural land, including for the protection of soil, providing useful suggestions for the implementation of the LIFE RII Project.

After the greeting of the local authorities, represented the Councillor Bellelli, and a brief introduction to the topics discussed, Dr. M. Guida exposed to presents an overall framework of the LIFE RII Project, the problems it faced and the strategies undertaken.

Then they were shown the work in progress in the basins of Arianna, Bertolini, Bottazzo, Enzola, Lavezza and Quaresimo water streams.

Subsequently has been directly addressed the issue of the management of agricultural land for the mitigation of hydraulic problems - environmental-related waterways.

It was explained the methodological approach used for the identification of suitable legal and administrative arrangements for the assessment of compensation.

Indeed, it was identified as a viable hypothesis that the servants of use.

The study, developed by the Bologna University , outlined a first model of valuation and calculation of possible compensation, depending on several parameters, such as the frequency of the event, the water level, the duration of flooding; were also presented additional issues to be considered in the final model of economic evaluation.

The work then continued with a debate between technicians. On this occasion, the various participants described their experiences in this regard.

In particular, have been illustrated by the respective Technical Basin Services, projects and solutions implemented in the provinces of Bologna and Forlì - Cesena.

Unfortunately, because of the rain, it was not possible to perform a field survey.

The Workshop has recorded 30 appearances, distributed among regional administration, Freelancers technicians from various agencies, and representatives of environmental associations. Since also detect the presence of some citizens.



Introduction to the workshop. (ITA) (pdf1.23 MB)

Monica Guida, Head  of Soil and Coast Protection, and Land Reclamation Service,  Emilia-Romagna Regional Administration

Restoration works on foothills water streams. (ITA)

Aronne Ruffini, Head of Environment Area,  Central Emilia Reclamation Consortium

Theoretical approach to the flooding servitude. (ITA) (pdf1.16 MB)

Alessandra Castellini, Alessandro Ragazzoni and Lucia Devenuto, University of Bologna - Department of Agricultural Sciences

Other presentations

Compensation for expropriation and hydraulic servitude  for flooding. The case study of the realization of Bagnetto detention basin, Sala Bolognese and Castello d'Argile municipalities (province of Bologna). (ITA) (pdf700.04 KB)

Marco Rami, Reno Basin Technical Service

Areas employment and servitude for construction of detention basins. (ITA) (pdf1.33 MB)

Davide Sormani and Fausto Pardolesi, Romagna Technical Service



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