LIFE-RII european project

Damage caused by persistent rains

Landslides and flooding

Persistent rains of this anomalous spring have also caused damage in the basins involved in the LIFE RII European Project.

There have been flooding in some urban and industrial areas close to the Lavezza water stream and some bank erosions located in the basins of the Arianna, Monticelli, Bertolini and Enzola water stream.

Despite the negativity of events, are confirmed by the objectives of the project Life-Rii to mitigate this kind of situation in the region through an integrated system of interventions, which will however be considered of recent damage.

More pictures of recent damage:

Localized erosion on the Enzola water stream (jpg235.28 KB)

Flooding of Arianna water stream (jpg370.8 KB)

Bank erosion on Monticelli water stream (516.5 KB)

Vegetation fall on Monticelli streambed (523.97 KB)

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