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Tuesday December 1st at 3.00 PM the second symposium on the importance of insects in environmental systems

On Tuesday  December 1st  from 3 to 5.30 PM, the second symposium entitled: "Managing aquatic environments to promote rare and endangered biodiversity" will be held online or on the Life Eremita  Facebook page


Aquatic ecosystems are among the most fragile and compromised environments and at the same time among the most important for the conservation of biological diversity and for the storage of carbon, an indispensable function to reduce the impact of climate change.


The purpose of the Life Eremita project is to increase the suitability and quantity of living habitats of two species of aquatic insects, the Graphoderus bilineatus and the Southern Damselfly (Coenagrion mercuriale castellanii) , protected by the Habitat Directive, but in a poor state of conservation in our region.

The meeting aims to illustrate the interventions carried out within the project and compare them with other similar experiences in managing rivers and wetlands to maintain and increase their ecological complexity in favour of biodiversity.

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