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  • LIFE MIPPMipp logo
    Life+ Natura project "Monitoring of insects with public participation" (MIPP) main objective is to develop and test standardized methodologies to monitor the conservation status of insects species included in the  Annexes of the Habitats Directive. The species targeted by MIPP project are: Osmoderma eremita s.l., Lucanus cervus, Cerambyx cerdo, Rosalia alpina, Morimus funereus.


  • LIFE CARABUSCarabus logo
    the project aims at reducing the threats of extinction for the species Carabus olymipiae by setting a specific objective through the establishment of a forestry management model able to restore habitats and attracts new funds for the species conservation. Another projects objective is to raise stakeholders awareness on the species conservation. 


  • LIFE WetFlyAmphibiaWet fly anfibia logo
    This projects, with 6 years of lifetime, is led by the National Park of Foreste Casentinesi and  involves: the national Forestry Corps, D.R.E.Am Italia, the Union of the Municipalities of the  Casentino Mountains, University of Bologna and University of Pavia. The project’s general objective is the conservation of amphibians and butterflies of Community interest, of their habitats (such as wetlands) within the National park. 



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