Integrated information system to support the conservation of the target species of the Life Eremita project

What the Region does

It is an information system toBanche_dati.jpeg support the conservation of target species, including web technology solutions, and consists of three databases integrated with GIS support.
The system allows archiving:

of species and habitat monitoring data;
data for the implementation and control of conservation actions, such as creation and restoration of target species habitats, in situ and ex situ breeding of target species and translocation and reintroduction of species;
materials produced by the project, whether documents, images or videos.

The link with the GIS allows to treat the geo-referenced information and their evolution over time, at local and regional scale.
Authorized subjects can access the database for a simple consultation of the data or for their remote implementation.

  • Download the instructions for accessing the information system


  • Emilia-Romagna Region
    Protected areas, forests and mountain development service
    Via della Fiera, 8 - 40127 Bologna (Italy)
    Tel 051 5276080
    Contacts: Monica Palazzini, Ornella De Curtis

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