22 MAY 2020 – World Biodiversity Day

‘Bringing nature back into our lives’

Today we celebrate the World Biodiversity Day, an anniversary proclaimed by the UN in 2000 to celebrate the adoption of the Convention on Biological Diversity. The CBD represents one of the most significant efforts to preserve nature at the international level, not just because it aims at reducing the loss of biodiversity, but also because it simultaneously promotes the sustainable development of human communities and the fair use of natural resources.

Two days ago, the European Commission adopted a new Biodiversity Strategy for 2020 (pdf638.67 KB) ‘Bringing nature back into our lives’. In line with the European Green Deal, it proposes actions and ambitious commitments to halt biodiversity loss in Europe and in the world, and to transform our food systems in global standards for competitive sustainability, for human and world health protection, as well as for the livelihoods of all actors in the food value chain.

The COVID-19 emergency highlighted our vulnerability to the increasing loss of biodiversity and the need for a well-functioning food system for our society. The two strategies put the citizen at the centre, committing towards the increase of land and sea protection, restoring degraded ecosystems and establishing the EU as an international leader with regard to biodiversity protection and development of a sustainable food chain. 

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