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LIFE EREMITA project objectives

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The project aims at ensuring, in the regional territory of Emilia-Romagna, better conditions for the conservation of the residual populations of two species (Osmoderma eremita and Rosalia alpina) of obligate saproxylic, i.e. species that in some phases of their life cycle depend on the wood mould of hollow decaying trees, and of two aquatic species (Graphoderus bilineatus and Coenagrion mercuriale castellanii) that can be found in lotic waters, i.e. flowing waters like springs and streams, and in lentic waters, i.e. relatively still terrestrial waters such as lakes and ponds, by acting against anthropogenic threats.

This objective will be achieved through concrete integrated actions at the regional level. Some of these actions will be experimental, performed for the very first time in Italy. The project will act on the socio-economic context of the territory, as human behaviour represents the main cause of threat to the target species.

EREMITA project provides for the following specific objectives:

  • to improve the knowledge on the presence/absence, distribution and size of the residual populations of the 4 target insect species;
  • to increase the availability of adequate habitats for the residual populations, also improving their connections (corridors);
  • to elaborate a strategy for the long-term management of the target species, providing the elaboration of management plans and specific conservation measures;
  • to create from scratch a regional network of specific habitats able to host the 4 target species;
  • to enhance virtuous behaviours in the interest groups, compatible with the protection needs of the species;
  • to develop and disseminate solution for the active involvement of farmers, managers and users of the forestry areas included in the Natura 2000 Network, and of stakeholders in general.

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