Actions and strategic priorities

An introduction to the main pillars of the Lifeel project

In the framework of Lifeel, the actions correspond to some strategic project pillars.

Here they are:

  • Species-specific defragmentation actions: ladders for young eels to go up to the stream, and tools to deter the descent at the Creva dam on the Tresa river
  • Conservation of the wild potential breeders: development of a protocol for the eel farming to counter the massive levy for human consumption and restore the eel stock
  • Reproduction in captivity of Anguilla anguilla, with specific monitoring of the results and focus on the juvenile specimens
  • Dissemination, involvement, education activities: initiatives to inform and raise awareness in the wide public and the stakeholders about the need for action for the conservation of Anguilla anguilla. Networking activities, and exchange of good practices  

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