CONSOLE project focuses on promoting the delivery of Agri-Environmental Climate Public Goods in agriculture and forestry through the improvement of innovative contractual solutions.


Console is funded by the European Commission with Horizon 2020 programme (GA 817949) for effective and lasting delivery of agri-environmental-climate public goods by EU agriculture and forestry

What the Region does

Console project aims to develop innovative contractual solutions between the public administration and the farmers or between private subjects (e.g. agroindustry and farmers) for the delivery of public goods through voluntary agri-environmental measures.

Console project is driven by the University of Bologna (Department of Agricultural and Food Science) and involves Emilia-Romagna region together with a broad range of actors for AECPG contract design and implementation (farmers, organizations, researchers, public administration, consultant companies) with a total of 24 partners in 13 EU member states.

The partners identified and analysed 60 case studies in the EU and in third countries, showing promising examples of environmental and climate voluntary measures: environmental-related land tenure systems, result-based approaches and approaches of collective implementation, as well as value chain solutions. These contract solutions were further evaluated through surveys, economic simulation models and integrated models.

Based on these experiences, the innovative contract models are going to be improved and tested in real decision making context with the help of a Community of Practice (CoP) around the project to ensure its feedback and shared contribution with all relevant stakeholders. The results of the research activity may have an impact on the development policy towards the sustainable development goals (SDGs), especially through the environmental policies and the post-2020 CAP.

Total EU funding: euro 4.999.998,75

Budget RER: euro 86.456,25

Duration of the project: 42 months

Projet start date: 01.05.2019

Projet end date: 31.10.2022



Gianfranco De Geronimo – 051 527 4558 –

Claudia Ziosi – 051 5278795 –

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