Innovation dynamics in agri-food value chains, online workshop with Lowinfood and the sister projects

The workshop was joined by the Innovation Actions founded by the European Commission within the RUR-07-2020 and RUR-06-2020 calls of the Horizon 2020 programme.

On 30 March 2022 an online workshop brought together around 60 researchers and innovators participating in different H2020 projects funded under RUR-06/07-2020 calls, including Lowinfood, in order to promote networking and cooperation across projects dealing with innovation and food waste. The participants had the chance to share knowledge and experiences, such as exchanging good practices, identifying common challenges and potential solutions and connecting people. The discussion focused on the factors that influence the diffusion of innovations and the benefits and challenges of a set of practices/solutions that are being implemented in different contexts.

The event opened with a keynote speech by Stefano Pascucci, Professor in Sustainability and Circular Economy at the University of Exeter: he talked about the link between the sustainability transition we are currently experiencing nowadays and the emerging agri-food innovations, some of them being scaled up or scaled out (replicated).

After that, the five sister projects representatives discussed some of the initiatives they are developing, testing or carrying out, to have a general overview of the work that is being done within the European projects tackling food waste.

Finally, Inge Van Oost (European Commission representative in the SCAR-AKIS group) closed the workshop by wrapping up some key ideas. One of them was the importance of networking, where people with good ideas meet those who can help them develop or scale up their innovations or initiatives.

Click on the image below to watch the complete recording of the workshop.


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