Food Chains 4 Eu

FoodChains4EU Project summary

Strengthening regional innovation policies to build sustainable food chains.


The growing European population has ever-higher expectations related to food quality and sustainability in terms of processing, packaging, storage, waste reduction, distribution, and retail. Innovation plays a key role in meeting these needs and fostering sustainable food chains fit for the future. The aim of the FoodChains 4 Europe project is to improve the implementation of regional policies that stimulate the delivery of innovation to create sustainable food chains in five participating regions:

These regions all have large food sectors that provide social and economic benefits for their citizens. However, each region recognizes that the only way to remain competitive is to improve the sustainability of this sector. This requires innovation in all stages and aspects of the food chain. FoodChains 4 Europe will focus on innovation that contributes to the environmental sustainability of the food chain whilst contributing to social sustainability through increased access to high-quality food.

The consortium will support food sector businesses to deliver these innovations, both on financial and technological aspects In order to achieve this, regional authorities and universities will partner in each region and work with other regional stakeholders to share and exchange their expertise in food innovation during a series of peer reviews and interregional learning activities. Based on this exchange, each region will develop and implement an action plan that enables regional businesses to deliver sustainable innovations in the food chain. The sustainable innovations will be developed with the support of the European programmes for Growth and Jobs in the participating regions. Indeed, the regional and national Managing Authorities of the programmes are heavily involved in all activities of this project.


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