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The Netherlands - Kansen voor West

The project addresses priority axis 1-Strengthening research, technological development and innovation of the Operational Program for West Netherlands ‘Kansen voor West' ERDF 2014-2020.

In particular, priority 1b and the specific objective 1-Valorisation: increasing the share of - primarily internationally marketable - innovative products and services in overall enterprise turnover. The specific objective is to be achieved through cooperation between SME’s and knowledge institutions to generate an increased number of marketable products and services in the top sectors defined in the regional S3 strategy.One of these top sectors is Agri-food with specified topics like Residual waste flows, One Health, Urban agriculture, Efficient use of natural resources and space (including the bio-based economy), Food safety and Chain management.

This specific objective includes the entire innovation chain and is focusing on cross-overs between the defined top-sectors: new combinations of knowledge and technology from multiple sectors.To improve the delivery of this specific objective in the food innovation chain, the stakeholders in Flevoland (authorities, knowledge institutes and companies) would benefit considerably from exchange and policy learning on two specific challenges:

  • 1) approaches for improved SMEs - knowledge cooperation in the stages from valorization driven applied research to market introduction
  • 2) boosting the application of new knowledge through testing and demonstration.

Which partners are working on this?

  • Province of Flevoland
  • Aeres Group Foundation re Aeres UAS

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