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Greater Manchester - Research and Innovation

Greater Manchester European Structural Investment Fund 2014-2020 is the plan that sets out how the EU funds allocated to Greater Manchester region from the ERDF England Operational Programme 2014-2020 will be spent.

ERDF OP Priority 1: Promoting Research and Innovation, Specific objective 1.2: Increase investment in research and innovation by SMEs in sectors and technologies identified through smart specialization. Specific objective 1.3: Increase the number of SMEs engaged in knowledge exchange, collaborative and contract research and innovation with research institutions, public institutions or large enterprises to help them bring new products and processes to market.

The GM ESIF Priority Axis - Science, innovation and knowledge economy delivers against this Priority Axis in the ERDF OP. It aims at promoting Research and Innovation by enhancing the links between research organizations and community/social enterprise to develop business to enhance and diversify GM’s economic base. The development of sub-regional sector development in the food industry focusses on existing and emerging growth sectors and targeted provision for businesses in deprived communities and hard to reach groups. In this project, we want to improve governance and opportunity around the food industry in GM in order to enable the development of new innovation in the food value chain that capitalizes on emerging opportunities from sector development.

Which partners are working on this?

  • Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council
  • The Manchester Metropolitan University

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