CONSOLE project focuses on promoting the delivery of Agri-Environmental Climate Public Goods in agriculture and forestry through the improvement of innovative contractual solutions.

First survey questionnaire for farmers in Emilia-Romagna

The survey promoted by Console project is online: under evaluation the new agri-environmental-climate contract solutions, looking at 2023-2027 CAP

Emilia-Romagna Region participates in the CONSOLE project together with other partners from different European countries coordinated by University of Bologna (Department of Agriculture and Food Sciences).

The aim of the project is to identify innovative contractual solutions, also looking at the the agri-environmental-climate measures of next CAP, between the public and the private sector to promote biodiversity, protect the environment and the climate in agriculture and forestry.

In the current stage of the project, all agriculture entrepeneurs based in Emilia-Romagna are invited to evaluate the selected contract solutions, irrespective of their compliance to agri-environmental measures of the Rural Development Programme, through the compilation of a 20-minute online questionnaire. The purpose is to collect the highest number of farmers’ opinions about the actual possibilities of proposing new voluntary agri-environmental-climate contracts.

There are four new contract solutions under evaluation:

  • Contracts that specify an environmental result as a benchmark;
  • Contracts implementation of a formalized cooperation between farmers in specific areas;
  • Land tenure arrangements with environmental clauses ;
  • Contracts based on the value chain.

The questionnaire is online and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.

The questionnaire is available at the following link.

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