CONSOLE project focuses on promoting the delivery of Agri-Environmental Climate Public Goods in agriculture and forestry through the improvement of innovative contractual solutions.

Console project, second survey questionnaire for farmers

After the high response rate to the evaluation of voluntary agri-environmental-climate contracts in the first phase last April. Everybody can participate

The response to the questionnaire submitted to agriculture entrepreneurs within Horizon 2020 Console project showed a strong interest for contract solutions with payments related to environmental results. Farmers from Emilia-Romagna filled out over 200 questionnaires, which provided very useful data, both quantitative and qualitative, about the level of acceptability of the proposed contract solutions (compliance to voluntary measures based on results, land-tenure, value chain and collective implementation).

After the success of the first survey phase, Region Emilia-Romagna intends to continue with the project activities, focusing on the farmers’ preferences about the implementation strategies of such contracts, in particular the measures aimed at improving soil organic matter (soil-based carbon sequestration). The farmers invited to fill out a new short questionnaire are the beneficiaries of the following operations (Rural Development Programme 2014-2020):  

- 10.1.03 “Increasing soil organic matter”

- 10.1.04 “Conservation agricolture and increasing soil organic matter” of Measure 10 “Agri-environment-climate payments“ in Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.

In any case, the questionnaire can be also completed by other agriculture entrepreneurs. 

Beneficiaries’ participation is completely voluntary, however the knowledge of key success factors and critical issues of the discussed contract solutions is going to be crucial for a successful implementation of local policies and for the Sustainable Development Goals of CAP 2023-2027.

The questionnaire is online and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.

The questionnaire is available at the following link.

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