CONSOLE project focuses on promoting the delivery of Agri-Environmental Climate Public Goods in agriculture and forestry through the improvement of innovative contractual solutions.

Collective agri-environmental measures for the conservation of biodiversity

Preliminary results of the 2021 survey questionnaires for farmers were discussed during the internal training event of H2020 Console project

The training event "Collective agri-environmental measures for the conservation of biodiversity" was held online last 29th of April. The session was organized by University of Bologna (DISTAL) and Sustainable Agriculture Area of Emilia-Romagna Region.

About 30 regional officers interested in the planning and design phases of competence of different Sectors of the Regional General Directorates, especially in the field of agriculture, environment and landscape

The aim of the meeting was basically to analyse and discuss the key factors determining the acceptance of collective agreements, in the field of rural development: during the discussion, it was highlighted the importance a better coordination among farmers to improve environmental performances. At European and regional level, collective agreements are actually the least appreciated by farms among the different types studied.

In particular, the debate showed the need of increasing technical assistance on issues such as biodiversity, of developing clear objectives for companies and of fostering a more collaborative environment between businesses and other stakeholders.

Click to download the programme (pdf967.34 KB) of the event (in Italian).

Speakers' presentations:

Click to download the Console project presentation (pdf2.16 MB) by dr. Stefano Targetti (in Italian).

Click to download the presentation about the collective mechanisms (pdf1.89 MB) for biodiversity conservation by dr. Matteo Zavalloni (in Italian).

Click to download the survey questionnaires results (pdf4.4 MB) presentation by dr. Stefano Targetti (in Italian).

Click to download the European case studies (pdf4.8 MB) presentation by dr. Matteo Zavalloni (in Italian).

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