Alliance for development family farming, Northern Albania

Published "Shija e Veriut" branded mountain sheep-goat cheese production Disciplinary

The Disciplinary enhances the territories and rural communities of Northern Albania
"I will die as I lived, among the goats in the mountains"
(Edith Durham, High Albania, 1909)

The production specification has been published, thanks to the technical advice of the Emilia-Romagna Region. It collects production rules and standards to be used to demonstrate the typicality of “white cheese” and “caciocavallo” branded "Shija and Veriut". But for the breeders of Fushe Arrez, Puka and Vau Dejes, the Mountain Sheep Goat Cheese Production Regulations are much more ...

 It represents the attempt to enhance, through agro-food products, an entire mountain area and the knowledge of rural communities, those of northern Albania, which suffer from great marginality.

To download the Disciplinary (only in albanian language) 👉

This publication was co-financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and CEI within the project "Alliance for the Development and Enhancement of Family Agriculture in Northern Albania

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