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Lets' be introduced to the Smartfish partnership!

Lead Partner: Regione del Veneto. One of the most dynamic Italian Regions, with a sound background in agricoltural and fisheries policies. The Agro-environmental, Hinting and Fisheries General Directorate is engaged in the pursuit of innovation in sectoral value chains and in the promotion of the stakeholders' participation to policies 

Project Partner 1: University Cà Foscari, Venezia. Public University of outstanding reputation in the international research; involved as a scientific partner in the project, in order to support the knowledge of complexity in information systems and analytic models in environmental field. 

Project Partner 2: Regione Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The Regional Hunting and Fishing Service is responsible for regional regulation and policy management in fisheries and aquaculture in the framework of the CFP. The Region has a multiannual cooperation strategy aiming at harmonizing cross-border activities and initiatives through the participation to innovative tools as the Northern Adriatic District. 

Project Partner 3: Regione Emilia-Romagna. Our Region boasts a wide and long lasting experience and sound competences in sectoral funding and blue economy, beside the cooperation projects devoted to the promotion of integrated marine policies and the eco-systemic approach. 

Project Partner 4: Regione Marche. The Maritime Fisheries Department of the Region has a wide experience in the governance of fisheries and aquaculture in the Adriatic Sea, with a special focus on the involvement of the local stakeholders in sustainable development policies. 

Project Partner 5: County of Istria-Istra. The Administrative Departement of this Croatian County ha regulatory, management and communication tasks also in crucial sectoral policies as agriculture, forestry, water economy and fisheries, included the promotion of all the related value chains. 

Project Partner 6: County of Primorsko-Goranska. This Croatian County has a Department in charge for Tourism, Entrepreneurship and rural development; also institutional cooperation and incentives to the value chains of local products, included those from the fisheries and aquaculture are in their focus, together with the participation to the relevant European projects. 

Project Partner 7: County of Zadar. In the Zadar County they boast a good experience in EU projects, mostly with territorial focus on the Norther Adriatic subarea with a cross-border vision. Small-scale fisheries represents a valuable asset in the local economy. 

Project Partner 8: IZOR Institute for Oceanography and Fisheries of Split, Croatia. This Institute is the platform of reference in the national and international context for the science bound projects in fisheries and aquaculture sectors. 

Project Partner 9: Ministry of Agriculture, Croatia Republic. That's the national sectoral Ministry in charge for all policies related to aquaculture and fisheries in Croatia. 

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