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String - FoodChains4Eu projects and their contribution to regional agricultural politics

Online webinar to present the results obtained in the two Interreg Europe projects, which allowed Emilia-Romagna Region to share experience with 11 European Regions from 8 Member States

The final String FoodChains4Eu projects stakeholder meeting went online last 17th of June and gave an opportunity to summarize the results obtained in the project and to reflect on the future regional politics in the agri-food sector, especially the integration between European Regional Development Fund  and European Agricultural Rural Development Fund.

The two projects funded by InterregEurope programme share a focus on innovation: how to improve politics, strategies and support to innovation among the different stakeholders, such as agri-food chains and clusters.

The starting point of Interreg Europe 2014-2020 programme is knowledge sharing and best practices interchange between regional and local administrations: this leads to the final goal of developing action plans that regional authorities can use to guide their politics.

The speakers’ presentations highlighted how our Region could confront each other with 11 European regions from 8 member states. The needs of different territories were compared, as well as regional politics and how European Union tools are used, especially the combination of the different funds ERDF and EAFR.  

Besides the focus on innovation, another important feature mentioned in most of the speechs was environmental sustainability applied to food packaging.

University of Bologna presented data on logistics and production systems of fruit and vegetables packaging, both in terms of CO2 production and from an economic point of view.

InterregEurope projects are consistent with the objectives set by the European Commission and Parliament for the future CAP programming 2021-2027: innovation and knowledge system, sustainable development, climate change adaptation, achieving territorial development.

Click to download the Programme of the webinar

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