Interreg Projects: approved the Action Plans of FoodChains4Eu and String

The two projects are focused on innovation in food packaging and on the development of the agri-food chain

The Interreg Joint Secretary communicated to the project partners, including the Emilia-Romagna Region, that the Action Plan of the FoodChains4EU project and the Action plan of the String project have been approved.

In particular, that of FoodChains4EU is focused on sustainable innovation in food packaging, with the aim of working on the integration between the funds of the Rop-Erdf and the Rdp-Eardf to favor a system action.

The recommendations received from the partners in the Peer Review held in our Region and an examination of the good practices of the other project partners inspired 2 actions, complementary to each other:

  • Action 1 focuses on the monitoring and follow-up of innovation projects relating to the agro-food packaging sector, financed by the Rop and the Rdp, as regards sustainability, innovation and the integration of food chains.
  • Action 2 aims to establish a stable working group (with representatives of agricultural companies - universities - research bodies - institutions), coordinated by the regional administration, to share experiences and knowledge on the topic of sustainable packaging.

String's Action Plan aims to encourage harmonization between the regional structural funds (Rop Erdf and Rdp Eardf), and therefore the effectiveness of interventions aimed at the development and promotion of innovation in the regional agri-food sector, while promoting the supply chain integration.

In line with what emerged from the path of analysis and exchange of knowledge and good practices of the Interreg Europe String project, the Action Plan acts on the new call for measure 16.1 of the Rdp through greater integration with the S3 strategy of the Rop Erdf.

Priority is therefore given to projects aimed at innovation in agricultural and livestock processes and production, in particular with regard to products that are sustainable from a social and environmental point of view: from animal welfare to the reduction of the use of drugs, to innovations for get to agricultural products with low environmental impact.

Or even direct projects in the development of innovative models and tools in the management of the value chain, also through new methods of logistical organization and traceability, of organizational and marketing supports

Finally, the experience will be analyzed to establish how effective it has been, to provide further future indications with the aim of greater integration of the regional structural funds.

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