Ruralbania, the new project to support farmers in Northern Albania

The project officially started on September 1, 2022 and has a three-year duration. It will develop in the mountainous areas of Shkodra, Dibre and Kukes

Support and promote traditional agricultural productions for the sustainable development of the mountain areas of Northern Albania of Shkoder, Dibra and Kukes. This is the goal of the three-year project RURALBANIA (2022-2025), funded by AICS - the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and promoted by RTM Volunteers in the World in partnership with Cia-Italian Farmers and the Emilia-Romagna Region, Agriculture Department. The project officially started on September 1, 2022.


RURALBANIA intends to increase the income of small agricultural producers in Northern Albania through access to new agricultural assistance services in line with European best practices, opportunities for qualified professional training, sustainable productive resources and local markets. Specifically, the project aims to increase productivity and the added value achieved by family-run mountain farms, in particular managed by women, young people and returning migrants, operating in high-potential supply chains (beekeeping, small mountain fruits, orchards and sheep-goat farming) of the Regions of Shkoder, Dibra and Kukes.


  • Strengthen the agricultural and rural assistance services available to small producers in the mountain areas of the Regions of Shkoder, Dibra and Kukes.

Training course on European good practices in the field of Agricultural Assistance Centers (AAC) for trade associations and Albanian institutions.

Start-up of 3 pilot Agricultural and Rural Assistance Centers (CAAR).

National institutional advocacy campaign on the importance of agricultural assistance centers and public-private partnerships for the development of disadvantaged rural areas.

  • Increase access to qualified professional training in the agricultural field by small farms operating in traditional supply chains.

Professional refresher course and technical assistance for trainers of agricultural assistance services.

Training and consultancy courses for small farms.

Refresher and consultancy course for agritourism companies in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

Provision of 10 scholarships for talented young farmers.

  • Increase access to sustainable assets for production and sale by small agricultural producers.

Redevelopment / preparation of structures for the storage, processing and marketing of agricultural products (Agricultural Market of Puka, 7 mini-dairies in Has and Tropoja, plant for the storage, refrigeration and marketing of cherries in Dibra).

Establishment of an “Endowment Fund for Sustainable Development” to finance 55 small businesses.

Training course and technical assistance on quality geographical brands and production regulations for trade associations and institutions.

National marketing campaign for agricultural production from supply chains and target areas.


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