Kosovo European project

The EVA cooperative exhibits its products at the Slow Food fair in Tirana

They are not only products derived from pigs, but they are above all the attempt to succeed of an inclusive project for women from rural areas and belonging to communities including tensions that have been dormant over time but have not completely disappeared.

A few weeks after the start of production, which took place in May 2016, EVA took part in its first international event exposing its products to Terra Madre Balkans, organized by Slow Food in Tirana in August 2016.

EVA products are an unusual and tasty mix born from the union of Kosovar tradition - suxhuk, pleskavica, kulen, loin, thigh, smoked cup - and Italian specialties, such as sausages, bacon and greaves.

In the Kosovar reality, EVA is much more than a mere economic activity; represents a story of dialogue, of shared projects, of dreams cultivated for years and pursued with effort and tenacity. And it represents above all a pioneering, and therefore courageous, attempt to propose an inclusive development model for women and society in general. The success of such an initiative is far from obvious, especially when one considers that the stagnation that characterizes the economy of Kosovo is compounded by the obstacles these women have encountered due to the fact that they are women, coming from rural areas and belonging to communities among which tensions have been dormant over time but have not completely disappeared. Faced with the challenges that the future inevitably holds for EVA, there is the firmness of those who observe serenely among them: "All this was a dream until a few years ago, now we just have to go on".

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