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A quality brand for the products of the Eva cooperative

In Pristina presented the regional brand of pork products "Drini i barde / beli drim / White Drini", which certifies the quality of the production of the Eva cooperative.

On March 27, 2017 in Pristina, the capital town of Kosovo, the regional brand of pork products "Drini i barde / beli drim / White Drini" was presented in the Orion congress center. In the end, at the Spanish restaurant Francisco, the tasting took place with the products of the cooperative Eva, which benefit from the new brand. This means that the pigs come from small farms carefully selected around the region. Homemade meat is treated according to high European standards. The company controls all the stages of meat processing, from the birth of the pig to the packaging and in this way provides certified, healthy and delicious products. All this was possible thanks to the Aware project financed by the European Union Kosovo, and managed by Rtm-Volonteers in the world, Ervet Emilia-Romagna, the Agency for local democracy in Kosovo, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Food Agency, Caritas Kosovo, the Italian Embassy in Pristina, AICS Tirana.

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