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The project has come to an end

A delegation from Emilia-Romagna participated in the 14th Meeting of the Project Partners and in the final Conference in Naples.

The final session of the Interreg project took place on 28 and 29 April in Naples. When brand meets people, of which the Emilia-Romagna Region is a partner. The aim of the project is to produce innovative ideas and create new products and services to enhance, also from a tourism point of view, landscapes, crops, agricultural techniques, traditional activities, trades, knowledge, skills, values, culinary preparations, traditions and innovations : a very valuable heritage of Emilia-Romagna. A representative of the Tourism and Agriculture Departments participated in the XIV Project Meeting and in the final Conference to present the results. The first meeting recalled the Action Plans proposed by the various partners and the proposal to continue the activity within a European cluster - European Cluster Collaboration Network Platform - on the Mediterranean diet. The results obtained by the project were presented in the final conference, including the creation of the brand and the signing of the MD Declaration by 224 entities including institutions, businesses, schools and other educational, health and other fields. The 4 winning international projects were presented, which proposed the creation of new agri-food products such as Vegan fermented cheese, but also innovative forms of marketing of agri-food products and sustainable tourism, such as the Mediterranean Atelier project. The main funding opportunities in the European 2021-27 programming and the lines of intervention of the Euro MED programming were illustrated. Proposals were made for the continuation of the project, recognizing the importance of continuing to promote the Mediterranean diet, to spread its food and wine riches, values, traditions, while preserving the territories and landscapes that express them.

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