- Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet in three manuals

They were written by the University of the Algarve

The University of the Algarve has produced three manuals that explore the theme of the Mediterranean Diet, "Natural and cultural landscapes of the Mediterranean diet", "Food and gastronomy heritage" and "Mediterranean Diet - Cultural heritage and tourism", as part of the project Interreg MED

The first manual, "Natural and cultural landscapes of the Mediterranean diet" (pdf3.71 MB), concerns the Mediterranean Diet as a multidisciplinary concept: the link with agriculture, climate, orography, biodiversity, eating habits, history, sociological aspects, culture and others.

The second manual, “Food heritage and gastronomy” (pdf1.71 MB), aims to provide information on the Mediterranean food model to encourage informed choices about eating habits and lifestyle. It describes the Mediterranean diet as a unique mix of geography and climate, agriculture, eating habits, history, sociological aspects, culture, tradition, gastronomy, architecture and more.

The third handbook, “Mediterranean Diet - Cultural Heritage and Tourism” (pdf1.45 MB), is an overview of the relevant characteristics of each region participating in the European project, including tourist sites, holidays, local markets, celebrations and natural sites. There is also a section with a list of conventions, treaties and organizations relevant to tourism.

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