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The Mediterranean Diet as a driving force for economic development for companies and regions

Giuseppe E. Gramigna, senior consultant to the World Bank, speaker of the sixth webinar on Thursday 28 May 2020

"Leveraging the Mediterranean diet, culture, and climate for enterprise and regional economic development" is  6th Webinar that is celebrating on Thursday 28th May.

The Mediterranean culture and climate are well established factors for enterprise and regional economic development. The Mediterranean diet is now a well-established preventative medical treatment, but has not yet been incorporated in economic development models. This presentation explores options for leveraging the Mediterranean diet, culture, and climate for expanding the economic development of regions and their firms, especially SMEs.

This webinar will be performed by Giuseppe E. Gramigna, World Bank Senior Consultant and Former U.S. SBA Chief Economist. Gramigna served as the Agency’s Chief Economist, where he advised the Agency on economic trends affecting small businesses, and led research on economic impact evaluations and strategic planning. His other areas of interest include the construction industries, tourism, information services, and regional economic development.

The #webinar will start at 4 PM CET until approximately 4:30 PM CET including Q&A.

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