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The Mediterranean Diet and this pandemic moment

The webinar is holding on Tuesday 14th April from 4 p.m. It will be performed by professor Filipe Themudo Barata

On Tuesday 14th April, the European project is holding the 2nd #MDnet #Webinar "The Mediterranean Diet and this pandemic moment: rebuilding our landscapes and fighting for our common future".

This webinar will be performed by Mr. Filipe Themudo Barata, Full Professor of the University of Évora (Portugal) and Chair Holder of the UNESCO Chair on Intangible Heritage and traditional know-how. He has papers, publications, conferences, and he has supervised several thesis regarding the same issue: Mediterranean history and heritage.

On this webinar, Mr. Themudo will be based on 1987 Brundtland report "Our common future". In recent years we allowed the destruction of our landscapes, never minding on climate change, erosion of our fields or sustainable development. The Mediterranean Diet could be an example of a tool to create a sustainable economy also based on our common heritage and culture, reinforcing social cohesion and putting into value our differences.

The webinar will start at 16:00h CET until approximately 16:30h CET including round of questions.

This second webinar has been possible thanks to the support of the Campania Region.

The event is already published in website and in the social media 




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