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How to grow your vegetables on your balcony

Last webinar on 4 June at 4 pm led by Robert Špiler and Tjaša Štruc

"How to grow your vegetables on your balcony" is the theme of the latest #MDnet webinar which will take place on Thursday 4 June.

Many people live in the big cities or smaller towns with not land or possibility to have their own garden, but many of them have a balcony which gives them the opportunity to at least grow some food. The latest situation with #COVID19 showed the importance of growing your own food, even if it’s very little amount.

The following themes will be tackled at the webinar: Why and how it is possible to grow vegetables in containers (and sometimes even better than on soil in the garden)? Can I grow all vegetables, herbs, or fruits on the balcony? Which are the best conditions to grow on the balcony? Which containers and soil should I use?

This #webinar is led by Robert Špiler and Tjaša Štruc, who after completing their studies in 2013, with a head full of ideas and youthful energy, assembled a beautiful little house on a forest clearing and setting up a large garden. They combined Tjaša's academic knowledge (Master of Biology and Ecology) and Robert's many years of practice working in gardens in Slovenia. After many successful and also missed garden experiments, only the best insights remained - academic, practical, family, permaculture and biodynamic, which they pass on today. They mainly use abundant compost mulch in combination with other organic materials that protect the soil and mimic the conditions in Nature. Thus they reach fertile soil, much less weeds and 95% less watering; all this without digging or turning the earth.

The webinar will start at 4:00 PM CET until 4:30 PM, including Q&A round.

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