The AQUALIFE project has reached its final stage

An international conference is planned to close the project in L'Aquila from 4 to 6 July 2018

The opening of the conference is scheduled for July 4th with a session dedicated to posters.

 On 5 July there will be an in-depth presentation of the project results, as well as a series of presentations by national and international experts on groundwater biology, ecology and geology.

 The EU-funded AQUALIFE project was developed with the main purpose of exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge, disseminating information between stakeholders and end-users working on underground ecosystems and employees, with the aim of increasing awareness and conscience on the ecology and importance of underground water bodies.

The project analyzed three main ecosystems related to groundwater:

  • saturated aquifers
  • hyporheic area of ​​watercourses
  • rivers fed by groundwater


The project includes another important aspect: the assessment of the value of groundwater biodiversity, using a new index on the conservation scale at site level (GDE).

In this way, end users will be able to evaluate the conservation of the sites together with the risk to which they are subjected. This approach has been transferred to the AQUALIFE software which makes it feasible and easy to use.

End users, scientists on a European scale, citizens, environmental associations, biologists, hydrogeologists, ONLUS organizations, representatives of other LIFE projects or other international projects dealing with groundwater and ecosystems dependent on them will participate in the event.


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