Cavata Orientale: work begins

As soon as the activities for the restoration along the Cavata Orientale started

With the activities of stakeout and delimitation of the site area, at the end of March 2018 work began for the hydraulic-environmental restoration along the Cavata Orientale canal, in the territory of the Municipality of Carpi.
The section of drainage network affected by the interventions includes the Cavata from its origin to the intersection with Via Lama and the adjacent portion of the Canal "V", from which the waters derive; it is also envisaged the creation of a multi-purpose overflow area, within which a naturalistic wetland area will be created.

The land obtained from the excavations will be partly reused in the  works, and partly intended for embankments and the maintenance of some canals, always located in the territory of Carpi.

The design, more complex than the other three experimental projects already completed, included the realization of ad hoc hydraulic and naturalistic studies, in addition to the EIA procedure.
The final project design also included the suggestions made during the participated process with the citizens.
The works will continue in the coming months with the excavation operations, the construction of hydraulic structures and the final arrangement of the area.


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