LIFE RINASCE meets the "Acque Risorgive"

The project was the guest of the “Acque Risorgive” Consortium on a field trip day

On Thursday, May 25, 2017, in the vicinity of Mestre (VE), an intensive day of comparing and exchanging knowledge was held thanks to the guided tour of the hydraulic-environmental restoration of the channels realized over the last few years by the local Water Conservation Consortium resurgences.

Within the prevention strategy put in place by the Veneto Region, the contribution made by interventions on reclamation canals has come to fruition in a series of actions that could favor the natural phyto purification processes of the waters.

The resurfacing of the hulls, which has led to the increase of the vegetation within the watercourses, the creation of bushes of the shrubs, capable of intercepting the water outflows, the recovery of highly compromised and degraded environments, the restoration of zones and the transformation of the manifolds from an artificial arrangement (characterized by straight lines, narrow spaces, trapezoidal sectional slopes and steep shore or concrete) to a more natural shape (sinuous trails, irregular ground floats, variable dimensions and rich in vegetation).

The interventions that the Consortium has designed in the field of pollution control and water conservation have been funded and funded in the widest environmental reclamation plan of the Bacino Scolante in the Lagoon of Venice, the “2000 Plan programming” of the Veneto Region which aims at the physical, environmental and socio-economic safeguard of the city and its lagoon.

The "in-field" day organized by the LIFE RINASCE project was attended by 22 employees of the Consortium, as well as about 30 technicians and officials of the Emilia Romagna Region, Po Po River Authority, AIPO, ARPAE, Parks and Biodiversity Management Bodies of Emilia Centrale and West Emilia, Parmense Reclamation Consortium, Conservation Center Garda-Chiese, Municipality of Carpi and Municipality of Bibbiano, “Zanelli” Institute of Reggio Emilia.

The event, thanks to the participation of the Director of the “Acque Risorgive” Consortium, Eng. Carlo Bendoricchio, and local technical experts, made an interesting technical and regulatory comparison to verify the applicability of the recuperation works visited, as in the other contexts, as already the Central Emilia Land Reclamation Consortium of Emilia Centrale has started to do just thanks to the LIFE RINASCE project.


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