Water quality and hydraulic safety, the two "integrated" water faces

On March 20, in Bologna, a conference devoted to the integrated implementation of the Water and Flood Directives in Emilia-Romagna. Minister Galletti speaks

Water is seen as a valuable asset to safeguard and protect, but also as a potentially disruptive natural element for the impact that floods, floods, floods can have on the territory. The Emilia-Romagna Region devotes the World Water Day to the integration of the planning tools of these two aspects: River Basin Management Plans and Flood Risk Management Plans, which will enable the implementation of the European Water Directives 2000 / 60 / EC and "Floods" 2007/60 / EC.

The Emilia-Romagna Region responds in a concrete manner to the guidelines of Europe by activating both directions and participatory processes in the conviction that only with the awareness and contribution of all actors in the system, stakeholders, but also citizens, achieve effective policies.

The conference "Water Quality  and Hydraulic Safety. Integrated Implementation of Water and Flood Directives in Emilia-Romagna", scheduled for Friday 20 March in Bologna (Fair of 8," May 20, 2012 "- 9 am-1 pm) will be an important opportunity to make a point on the state progress of works and discussing synergies and cross-cutting issues linked to the implementation of the two Community directives at regional and district level. Among others, Minister of Environment Gian Luca Galletti and Regional Councilors for Soil and Environmental Policy Paola Gazzolo and Agriculture Simona Caselli will address.

The pictures of the photo exhibition "Water Shots" (photo by Leonardo Agostini) will accompany the participants to the conference room.

The regional celebration, under the aegis of EXPO 2015, is part of the special project AQUA2015.

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