LIFE RINASCE Project Participatory Process

On April 18, the Participatory Process will be launched to support the LIFE13 ENV IT 000169 RINASCE project

On April 18, the participation process will be initiated in support of the LIFE RINASCE project with the involvement of interested, public and private stakeholders, individuals and associates, such as public, technical, farmers, traders, the world of the school, cultural associations, volunteering and citizens.

The participatory process includes different moments of involvement of local actors:


  • a process opening event (plenary session) on April 18, 2015 in Reggio Emilia,
  • 6 meeting meetings (participatory workshops) on the territory, including guided tours to the areas of intervention between May and July 2015, in order to discuss the problems of the channels and possible interventions to be carried out;
  • a closing event of the trial process (plenary session) in October 2015, for the presentation of the results of the entire process.


The first session, dedicated to information, will take place on April 18, 2015 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, at the "Prampolini" Hall of the Reclamation Consortium, Corso Garibaldi n ° 42 in Reggio Emilia.

On this occasion, the LIFE RINASCE project, which was born to address innovatively the issues of territorial security and the environmental quality associated with the remediation channels, will be presented in general terms.

 Anyone interested in listening to and discussing the issues of the territory is invited to participate.

 For more information about the event, please contact:


The Organizing Committee

Dr. Fabrizio Gozzi

Tel. 0522-443125

Fax 0522-443254


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