Conference "Integrated hydraulic-environmental restoration of reclamation canals"

The Conference will be held on April 8, 2015 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at the "20 May 2012" Third Tower, on Viale della Fiera, 8 in Bologna

The LIFE RINASCE project, as part of its dissemination activities, organizes the conference titled "Integrated hydraulic-environmental restoration of reclamation canals for the improvement of ecological quality and hydraulic safety in the plain territory".

The event takes place a few months after the start of the project, and it will focus on the situation, focusing on the issue of reclamation of the grid reclamation grid, its problems, the strategies chosen to address them and the decisive role that has the participation and sharing of goals by local stakeholders. The event is a first opportunity to compare and exchange knowledge with other important European Projects, Universities and Professionals in the field.

You can pre-register by sending an email to  or by fax at 0522-443254.


Poster (pdf1.15 MB)

Conference programme (pdf132.92 KB)


The Organizing Committee

 Dr. Fabrizio Gozzi

Tel. 0522-443125



Dr. Giuseppe Mannino

Tel. 051-5276866



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