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Romania - Promoting Technology Transfer

Regional operational programme 2014-2020 in Romania has as thematic objective Strengthening research, technological development, and innovation.

Investment Priority of the Regional operational programme: 1.1: enhancing regional R&TD and innovation capacities linked to regional economic development objectives; Specific Objective OS 1.1 Increasing innovation in companies by supporting innovation and technology transfer entities in the areas of smart specialization.

Priority 1 and Specific Objective 1.1 aim to increase the number of innovative SMEs that cooperate with each other through support for the creation and development of innovation and technology transfer entities in line with the principle of smart specialization. Food safety, food packaging and biotech for food are key sectors for smart specialization in the North-West Region.The aim is to enhance the transfer of research results into innovative commercial applications, resulting in an impact on the market. Additionally, actions shall contribute to intensification in the distribution of technological progress on the market and in society in general.

The OS1.1 is important in Romania and in the North-West Development Region, due to the fact that the connection and cooperation between different stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem (education, R&D&I and businesses) remains low. The result is a lack of transfer on the market of new, innovative products and ideas, even though research activity is quite intensive.

Which partners are working on this?

  • Maramures County Council

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