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ROPS - Poznan - Poland

ROPS (Regional centre for social policy in Poznan) is a regional self-governing organization directly accountable to the Wielkopolska region (Poland) Management board. ROPS carries out regional self-government tasks in the field of social policy, particularly in social care.

BRCT laşi - Romania

BRCT laşi (Regional Office for Cross Border Cooperation – Iasi) is a non-governmental body, activating in the field of regional development and cross-border cooperation, contributing to promote the cooperation between regions, communities and authorities located in the both sides of the border Romania - Republic of Moldova.

laşi County - Romania

laşi County is located in the North-Eastern Romania, at the eastern border of the EU, neighbouring the Republic of Moldova. It has 0.93 million inhabitants: 48.38% in the urban area and 51.62% in the rural area, in 5,476 km² total surface.

Reggio Emilia - Italy

Reggio Emilia is an open city that innovates, creates bonds, explores the future with solid foundations in the present and in its history, rich in freedom and civic sense, solidarity, concreteness and a tradition of excellent cuisine. Here people take care of their living environment: the separate waste collection reaches 70%, public urban gardens producing zero-km products are shared and social cohesion makes it possible to welcome 18% of the population with non-Italian origin and belonging to a hundred different nationalities.

Modena - Italy

The city of Modena is located in the middle of Po valley in the Emilia-Romagna Region. It is best known for its rich and diversified cuisine, icons such as Enzo Ferrari, Luciano Pavarotti, and Massimo Bottura, and also for the production of balsamic vinegar. What is more, Modena is an example of a successful institutional and political system and one of the most open and welcoming city in Italy.

Forlì - Italy

Set in the Emilia-Romagna region, the city of Forlì is the administrative center of the Province of Forlì-Cesena and border with the Municipality of Forlimpopoli (South-East), the Municipality of Faenza (North) and with the Municipality of Castrocaro Terme and Terra del Sole (West). Today the City has over 119.000 inhabitants and can be considered a vibrant city from the economic and cultural point of view.

Pemba - Mozambique

Pemba is the capital of the Province of Cabo Delgado and is located in the northern region of Mozambique. It is limited to the north and west by the Metuge district; to the south with the district of Mecufi; and it is washed by the Indian Ocean in an extension of 30 km in a straight line.

Split - Croatia

The city of Split is the second largest city of Croatia with 178.102 inhabitants and the largest city on the Croatian coast of Adriatic. It is an important Croatian and Mediterranean cultural center, and second university center in Croatia.

Falköpings - Sweden

Falköpings kommun is a municipality in Sweden whose seat is in the town of Falköping. Falköpings kommun has 33.000 inhabitants. Approximately 50 % live in the city of Falköping and 50 % live in the countryside. The town of Falköping is situated along the Western Main Line which is the railline between Stockholm and Gothenburg, the two biggest cities of Sweden.

Vejle - Denmark

Located on the Jutland peninsula in Southeast Denmark, the Municipality of Vejle is the sixth largest in the country (population: 110,000), and the capital of Region South Denmark. "Vejle...Making things happen" sum up Vejle's vision. To efficiently deliver services, the municipality employs over 12,000 workers, and operates on an annual budget of ca. € 724 million.

Generalitat Valenciana - Spain

The Comunitat Valenciana (Valencian Region) is a region in the east coast of Spain by the Mediterranean sea. There are around 5 million inhabitants and is composed of three provinces, Alicante, Castellón and Valencia.

GVC - Italy

GVC is a non-governmental, secular and independent organisation founded in Bologna (Italy) in 1971. It works to ensure the respect and recognition of fundamental rights in communities that have been deprived of their dignity. Fights poverty and social inequality by working with individuals, communities, local authorities and governments, to ensure thousands of people access to clean water, food, health services, education and work. In humanitarian emergencies it tries to build the foundations for reconstruction and future developm

University of Bologna - Forlì Campus - Italy

The University of Bologna has implemented a multi-campus structure to enhance the expansion of the teaching offered and to allow the activation of a consolidated research activity in the territory, in the attempt of improving the academic activities functioning and the quality of life for students and teachers. In the University lays the Punto Europa Forlì, an information and documentation centre, established in 1999 by the University of Bologna - Forli Campus, the municipality of Forlì and the Province of Forlì-Cesena.

Women Network - Italy

WOMEN NETWORK, formally founded as an Association in 2004, is an international network of women representatives of local authorities, associations and NGOs, research institutions and universities.

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