LIFE+ Climate changE-R

What is LIFE+

LIFE+ the European Union’s financial instrument

logo lifeLIFE was born in 1992 as a direct initiative of the European Commission. Its aim is to provide specific support for measures that have an added European value, as well as update and develop policies and legislation to protect the environment.

Each year, the Commission publishes an announcement calling for proposals, taking into account the multi-annual strategic program and any national priorities transmitted to it. The Commission also establishes which projects can benefit from LIFE financial support. It regularly publishes a list of these projects. Public and/or private bodies, players and institutions are all eligible for funding through LIFE+.

The LIFE+ program, introduced in conjunction with the 2007-2013 programming period through Regulation (EC) no. 614/2007, follows the LIFE program that was started in 1992. The project LIFE+ Climate ChangE-R, for the Emilia-Romagna Region, was funded under this program. From 2014, LIFE+ has evolved even further. It represents a concrete program for the environment and climate action, as established by Regulation (EU) no. 1293/2013 in support of the strategy Europe 2020. The general objective of the new LIFE + is, in particular, to contribute to updating and developing European environmental policy and legislation, through the co-funding of projects with high added value.

The program is divided into the two subprograms, Environment and Climate Action, which in their turn are divided into three sectors.

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