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Through this project, Emilia-Romagna puts itself in the running to become the national laboratory for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural sources.

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Reduction of greenhouse gases from agricultural systems of Emilia-Romagna



The project has an integrated approach towards crops, plants and animals and agriculture, industry and distribution. Its aim is to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs), and create a system for the information and experiences of the partners involved, giving value to other aspects such as water and energy saving, reduction of chemical herbicides and pesticides, and advanced management techniques for food and livestock manure.

This is done through the project LIFE+ Climate ChangE-R.  Its aim is to develop techniques for growing crops and raising livestock, with the same yields and product quality, reducing the production of carbon dioxide CO2) and other major gases responsible for climate change.

To calculate the GHG emissions produced by Emilia-Romagna’s agricultural system, an objective evaluation method will be used: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), applied to all the processes of cultivation and livestock raising.

The project’s added value lies in the fact that some of the most important national and international agribusinesses and large retailers are participants. These businesses are committed to embracing the new controls in their supply contracts and they include Barilla, Coop, Granarolo, Granterre, Centro servizi ortofrutticoli (Produce Services Centre), Apo Conerpo and Unipeg.

The project’s Scientific partners are the Regional Agency for Prevention and Environment (ARPA) and two other research institutions, Crop Research Center (CRPV) of Cesena and the Animal Production Research Centre (CRPA) of Reggio Emilia. Further support will be provided by the Consortium of Parmigiano-Reggiano.

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