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Action D - Communication and dissemination of the project Climate changE -R

The communication and dissemination of the project actions are, first and foremost, aimed at promoting knowledge and raising awareness of climate change and sustainable agricultural production related issues, in other words, reduced quantities of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

During the three years of the project, there will be a series of communication campaigns aimed at consumers, and in particular, citizens of Emilia – Romagna and students of agriculture and related fields, with a focus on content and educational and informational messages. At the same time, other communication campaigns will aim at conveying specialized information to industry technicians, farmers and representatives of their associations.

The consumer campaigns will begin as early as the first year, while the technical information campaigns, linked to the results collected on selected farms, will be developed starting from the agricultural year 2014/2015.

All the project partners will actively contribute to the planning and realization of the communication and diffusion actions, according to their own specific areas of expertise. In particular, actions aimed at consumers will be developed with input from the Coop, which, in its role as a consumer cooperative, already has active communication channels capable of reaching a large number of potential users.

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