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Unipeg logoUnipeg, Società cooperativa Agricola (agricultural cooperative company) -Reggio Emilia, brings together 740 cattle breeders and operates in two slaughter facilities (Reggio-Emilia and Pegognaga – Mantova) with a potential for the slaughter of about 6,000 head of cattle per week. It employs 300 workers.

Unipeg’s activity is the slaughter of livestock, and the processing and marketing of meat. Its corporate mission is to "organize a commercial offer in the beef and veal sector which wins the consensus of consumers and customers, in order to better endorse cattle breeders and their products.” For this, Unipeg is in charge of some production standards for labelling (identification code MIPAF IT080ET) and product certification for beef, Vitello delle Valli and Vitello dei Gonzaga, managing controls on the entire chain of production.

Some time ago, Unipeg launched a corporate programme to contain environmental impact of production (and product). In this sense the slaughtering facilities have IEA IPCC recognition and the production complies with the environmental management certification of ISO14001: 2004. In an effort to contain costs substantially, including those for energy and waste disposal from the slaughtering process and limiting the use of fossil energy, Unipeg has begun to produce energy from renewable sources, making the plants totally self-sufficient.

Unipeg has an active and direct participation in the project with the commitment of its experts in technical activities, in providing production data for the

beef cattle sector, representation and liaison with member farms, which are also demonstration farms. Unipeg is a leading company and a national and European reference for the beef and veal sector, and as such contributes to assessing and disseminating results.

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