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CSO logoCSO: Produce Services Center - Ferrara, is a cooperative founded in 1998. Its aim is to promote and develop the production and marketing of fruits and vegetables (produce).

Its member base is composed of the main Growers Organizations, private companies and the Italian National Growers Unions. Since January 2012, producers of machinery for the sector, technical equipment, packaging and shipping have also joined the produce growers, for a total of 67 members.

The 54 members (26 Growers organizations and 28 private companies) that produce and sell fruits and vegetables, together have a turnover of 1.8 billion Euros, or 16% of the national produce value.

The CSO member base is composed of growers located in 13 Italian regions. Their strong point is the close relationship with the institutional and operational world of production. They will soon join other players in the chain with which they are already actively collaborating. At the European level, directly or through AREFLH, Cogeca and Freshfel, it has close contact and exchanges information with growers and organizations located in the main produce-growing countries such as Spain, France, Greece, and Portugal.

CSO participated in the Integrated Project ISAFRUIT Project no.: 016279 - Project title: Increasing fruit consumption through a trans-disciplinary approach delivering high quality produce from environmentally friendly, sustainable production methods. Period covered: from 01-01-06 to 30-09-10 (1-57 months).

In the Life project, CSO participates in the activities that regard crops, as well as managing relations with international stakeholders for all productions, vegetable and animal, covered in Climate ChangE-R.

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